I can provide you endless testimonials. I would like to reserve this page to give you some insight into this profession and what you as a consumer should know and understand.

Most consumers believe all real estate agents must have the same education, training and knowledge just because the agent holds a real estate license. The sad truth is, this is a serious misconception. The guidelines for obtaining a real estate license in this state are minimal and take just weeks of home study and then the taking of a State test that has nothing really to do with the tasks that a real estate agent uses in their day-to-day job. 

Consequently, people take the test, get their license and away they go, handling hundreds of thousands of dollars of consumer’s largest asset – their home.   We have been trained by the best-- top risk managers, brokers and lawyers in the real estate industry.  We are constantly taking training classes, are up to date at all times regarding current laws, forms, requirements to make the real estate process as smooth and hassle free as possible.

So where does that leave the consumer when agents lack knowledge? In a very bad position if the consumer doesn’t follow some basic guidelines of their own when choosing an agent. Consumers will actually put more effort and homework into selecting a car or a computer than they will in who will handle the sale of their home and/or the purchase of a home. Most consumers will pick a friend or relative or a friend of a friend and not ask their qualifications. The question to ask would be, “Would I give this person the bulk of my money to handle?” If you’re stuck in a sticky situation not wanting to hurt your friend or relative’s feelings, then ask an experienced agent to give them a referral fee and explain to your friend or relative the situation and wait for them to get more experience under their belt. 

Business is business and the listing of your home and the purchase of a home are large business transactions. The California Contract is complex; it requires expert knowledge in knowing how to protect the consumer whose liability is huge in California. Real estate requires complex disclosures that are necessary to lessen the liability of a seller and to ensure a buyer can appropriately and thoroughly investigate a property they are purchasing. 

There are minimum required disclosure standards, but there are other disclosures that go above and beyond and give added protection for the consumer on all sides of a deal that not all agents use. There are legal courses and seminars that not all agents attend. The important aspect to remember is, beware, because not all agents have the same knowledge, training, negotiation skills, professionalism and it’s up to you to ask the right questions, interview agents and take the time to pick an agent that’s experienced and knowledgeable and will yield you the greatest results with the least possible liability. 

This applies whether buying or selling. Knowledge is power. When you choose an agent, you are giving them authority to handle the largest asset you own—your home.   I'm here to help.  Even if you just have real estate related questions, feel free to contact me at 661-510-3135.
Diane Kauzlarich
Diane Kauzlarich
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